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Day 1: What is

Simple. It's one-part lifestyle blog, one part web design LLC. You can probably think of other notable blogs that kept your attention. Perhaps you gained insight or a new perspective, or maybe there was an 'It' factor that kept triggered a nostalgic sensation. Hopefully I can provide the same but with my own essence. Let me take you back to December 2019 in my high-rise 1Bed/Bath apartment. I had just finished mapping out my 5 year goals starting with where I saw myself in 2030, then working my way backwards to the (then) upcoming year, 2020. 2025 being my checkpoint year. Inevitably, I had to make a life changing decision and mindset shift before New Years of 2020. The logical conclusion was to move back home from Washington, D.C. to metro Atlanta.

A few months before the 2020 pandemic I was preparing to relocate back home to Austell, Georgia. I took a leap of faith and left my job of 4 years to pursue opportunities in my degree field, Communication/ PR. Spoiler alert: I fell upwards and used my web design skills as a side hustle rather than transitioning into another corporate role. I briefly devoted my time to creativity, how to sustain a business, and how to create websites on various platforms before moving back home. Ultimately and thankfully, I landed a consulting career position with a global tech company that provided me the premium resources to further my knowledge with absolutely no prior background experience. The title may say 'Consultant' however that's just wordplay for 'Sales'. In other words, I'm on the ground floor and my foot is in the door. My mission is to get to the penthouse by way of merit, work ethic, track record, and networking but I had to first choose my audience-- Small business owners. The one's like me who are committed to starting a new business venture from the ground up.

Can you imagine how frustrating it is as a business owner to learn new programs, design principles, and how you want your audience to receive your internet footprint? Not to mention you have to invest in monthly subscriptions to create your online presence. Plus, you have to maintain the traffic to your website. That's the space I saw areas of opportunities for small business owners in my arms reach. I could be that person who shoulders that frustration so owners can think more about their product/ service. I find thrill and excitement on creating what will be your dot com. It's better to cross off your To-Do List than to add on, so let me cross "Finish Website" off for you.

I am in no way a guru, an expert, or a master. Instead I am a student of this interest. For the first time I found that web development for a client holds my focus. The challenge of designing something for a customer gives me clarity that I can rise to the occasion. Thanks to the support of friends and word-of-mouth, I can comfortably explore more of my creative output. Who knows, maybe this could be a hidden passion. I'll never know the answer to that until I have a spread of entries and can look back on as an origin story.

I decided to create to document my lifestyle using common tech programs and gadgets in my arms reach. I'm not looking to become a viral TikToker, a Youtuber, a Forbes 30Under30 for tech advancement or move to Silicon Valley to start doing TedTalks about how Tech is evolving mankind. I am looking to produce my own body of work. I want to look at my portfolio as an athlete looks at their highlight tapes to prepare for their next challenge. However small, however large, I'm committed to sticking to this one creative outlet and let it blossom into work/life balance. I've been putting it off for many reasons I provided myself: Procrastination, perfectionism, comparison , Work life, travel, and fear just to name a few. But no more. I am no longer accepting excuses. I'm all in.

I'm using this space to sharpen my creative saw. What to expect is my point of view, my lessons learned, my "Why?" and to develop my voice. Self-Made is what I'll use to describe TechTaylor.Tv. Love it or hate it, this is me.

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