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5 TechTaylor.Tv : [Things I miss]

Welcome back village. It’s Throwback Thursday or as my high school principal calls it “Friday’s Eve”. Today I’m reminiscing on the past but as the great Edna once said “I do not focus on the past because it distracts from the now” I’m going to keep this one relatively short.

Something’s I miss are listed below:

1. ESPN Zone ATL— I had like 3 birthday’s here and celebrated graduating elementary school. Gone but NEVER forgotten. ESPN Zone walked so Top Golf could soar.

2. Sun Valley beach day camp in Powder Springs, Ga. I was a day camper here for several summers in elementary school but to my surprise in college it was shut down due to three too many pool related deaths.

3. High school basketball games. South Cobb High school and McEachern High School had the best pre/post games. It always smelled like team spirit. 4. Mp3 players. I had the same Mp3 player Chris Brown had in the beginning of his “Yo” video. Much simpler times. It didn’t take pictures or had game, none of that, JUST VIBES.

5. Going to the movie theater, paying for one movie but watching three. I almost got my family caught when we use to do this at the Arbor Place Mall movie theater but I caught on to the system. Who was about to repay to see another movie when I’m already next door? Tuh!

6. Collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I know Pokemon cards were the cooler cards to collect however I was satisfied with the Pokemon games over the cards. But YuGiOh though?! I still watch that card game on Hulu and I’m not ashamed. The strategy and plot of the show was ground breaking. Every duel was dramatic and the creators did a stellar job ending it the way it did. I needed those cards.

7. Limewire/Bearshare. It was worth the computer virus to pirate music onto my mp3 player.

8. Before Myspace, Facebook & Twitter there was Bebo & Tagged. The infamous Top 10 Friend List humbled everyone in your immediate friend group. If I questioned your loyalty I’m demoting you to bottom half. It was always elimination round and unfortunately if you didn’t make the cut just know our friendship was on the chopping block. No hard feelings.

9. Early release day in middle school. What were we excited to do with the extra time we had when we got home after school? More time to play outside? More Tv?

10. Waking up early on Saturday morning to watch KidsWB. The lineup was legendary. Xmen Evolution, Mucha Lucha, Pokemon Advanced Battle, Jackie Chan Adventures, YuGiOh, Osmosis Jones, etc. Then later that evening I’d watch new episodes of Power Rangers on Jetix (Now Disney XD). Listen, I was a Tv junkie.

There are so many more things I miss but I have the rest of my life to live so who’s to say I won’t miss the trending topics of today?

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