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TechTaylor.Tv is a website development vlog owned by Taylor S. Ratliff. Here I embark on my journey as an up-and-coming web designer. With a Bachelors in Public Relations and extensive customer service experience, I find peace in producing stunning website designs to effectively connect my clients to their target audience. I focus on layout, design principles, uniqueness, and friendly-usability using the latest trends to give your brand the digital impact it deserves.

I strive for excellent customer satisfaction, timeliness, and exceeding expectations. I am also committed to producing a digital experience my clients are proud to showcase. If I'm unfamiliar with a different platform, I am willing to go the extra mile and learn new skills. More importantly, I strive to give your website an exciting feel for everyone to enjoy.

TechTaylor Final Logo.png
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“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”


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Click the icon to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation so we can identify your goals and needs. During this phase we will schedule a follow-up preliminary meeting for you to check my design progress and revise any elements. It is important to me that I am aligned with my client's expectations. 

Once your security deposit and contract are both submitted to me, the real work begins. For the best quality work, I have a One-month turn around time. During this phase, I familiarize myself with your brand to best execute my design approach.

During the follow-up preliminary meeting, my client's check in with me to see my progress. This is the first client revision opportunity. Communication is key for me to effectively deliver your final site. I embrace change, ask additional questions for clarity, and apply my notes.

On the agreed completion date we will do a full walk-through of the final site. This is the final revision opportunity before you are ready to launch. We will not only cover front end of your site but also administrative back end as well.

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